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1970's Kitsch

This photo leaves me speechless

 Posted by Philip Emmanuele, September 2012

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Point by Bill Brandt

Hermann Wilhelm Brandt,[1] known as Bill Brandt (2 May 1904 – 20 December 1983), was a British photographer and photojournalist. Although born in Germany, Brandt moved to England, where he became known for his high-contrast images of British society, his distorted nudes and landscapes, and is widely considered to be one of the most important British photographers of the 20th century.[2]

Posted by Philip Emmanuele, September 2012

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B.B. King

Photograph by Albert Watson

Posted by Philip Emmanuele, September 2012

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In honor of Labor Day

Photograph by Mike Stimpson.  Others here.

Posted by Philip Emmanuele, September 2012

Lobster Pot

Photograph by A.C. Emmanuele Posted by Philip Emmanuele, November 2019